January 30, 2013

The dissolution of the RTAP Users Group (RUG) is now complete. We were able to sell the rug.org domain and received over four thousand dollars. This enabled us to send a cheque to the United Way of Calgary for $20,473.67 (Canadian Dollars), as per our Articles of Incorporation.

A copy of the latest RUG web site is available here.

We would thank everyone for their participation and contributions to RUG. It is our belief that this helped moved the RTAP product forward by making it the stable, highly available product that it is today. Furthermore, and maybe even more importantly, it was also an event where contacts were made which helped all of us make better use of RTAP's capabilities and move our businesses to a higher level.


RUG Executives

RTAP Users Group

The RTAP Users Group, RUG, is a non-profit organization whose members meet once a year to discuss RTAP related issues. There is no membership fee. However, members must be registered users of RTAP.

Mission Statement

The object of the society is to encourage the successful use of Industrial Defender's RTAP/Plus (Real-Time Application Platform) by providing a forum for users to meet and exchange information regarding all aspects of the use of RTAP/Plus, and provide feedback to Industrial Defender regarding ongoing product development.