January 1, 2024

Celebrating 32 Years (1992 - 2024)

tesserNet is a system integrator providing complete SCADA solutions. Over the past thirty-one years our experience has been providing real time automation solutions to our customers. Our associations in the industry provide us with the capability to provide full service SCADA system implementation including:

* design
* installation
* custom applications

tesserNet's primary focus is in providing real-time automation solutions using RTAP software enabling technology. Services for RTAP Software include:

* System Integration
* Training and consulting
* Add-on products
* Support
* RTAP Users Group

The primary focus area of the company is systems integration. We have provided solutions for the oil and gas industry, pipeline industry and electrical utilities companies. Usually, we provide a set of tools and programs that allow the user to configure a system. We also however, provide turn-key solutions.

The RTAP training and consulting services are provided to other integrators and end user customers. Typically, these services are provided during initial stages of development and then on a project basis, after the initial learning phase of RTAP is complete.

The RTAP add-on products are developed in the course of doing the system integration for clients as well as internal research and development.