tesserNet Software Requirements and Installation for HP-UX 10.x

*Compiling and Linking Applications


Installing software provided by tesserNet Systems Inc. involves these steps:

* Check that your system meets the necessary requirements (see section Requirements).
* Install software.


Before you begin, make sure your system has the following software already installed:

* HP-UX operating system version 10.20 or greater.


The file system that you are installing the software on must have been converted to allow for long filenames.

* RTAP/Plus version 7.0 or greater.

* Motif 1.2 runtime environment (required only for Motif applications).
* X11R6 runtime environment (required only for Motif applications).
* CDE Shared libraries (required only if your installing the on-line help).



For the RTAP 7.0 release, we have switched to using the ANSI C++ compiler. Therefore, any programming will require this fileset from HP.


  1. Run update by typing "/etc/swinstall" as user "root" (see the Managing HP-UX Software With SD-UX manual if you need help with swinstall).
  2. Set the source for the depot, and the destination directory for the installation. The recommended destination is the root directory, / (the default). Most of the files will be installed with the path opt/tesserNet relative to the destination directory.


If you choose the install in a destination directory other than root, you must set the environment variable SHLIB_PATH. This is because some of the executables shipped need to be able to locate the shared libraries libCBase.sl and libCRtap.sl.


The installation procedure may add files to the following directories:


Directory Description


contains the executable binaries


contains both archive and shared libraries


contains miscellaneous files, including the newconfig directory


contains RTAP/Plus point configuration files


contains include files


contains source files


contains database builder files


contains compressed formatted man pages for executables


contains compressed formatted man pages for library routines


contains on-line help files


contains graphic files for the on-line help


contains control panel files; a directory by the name of the application will be created



If any C++ executables are installed, the latest version of the C++ shared library will be installed in the "opt/tesserNet/etc/newconfig" directory. If a different version of the C++ shared library exists in the "/usr/lib" directory, you must set the SHLIB_PATH HP-UX environment variable to point to the "opt/tesserNet/etc/newconfig" directory before the "/usr/lib" directory. Otherwise, the customize script will automatically move the C++ shared library into the "/usr/lib" directory. If C++ shared library version in "/usr/lib" is the same version, the copy in "opt/tesserNet/etc/newconfig" will be removed by the customize script.



If you are upgrading from a previous version, you will need to re-compile any applications you may have written using tesserNet's programming filesets.



If you are installing the on-line help filesets, you must have already installed the CDE (Common Desktop Environment) shared libraries, as the on-line help now uses the CDE help viewer.

Compiling and Linking Applications

To compile and link applications that use the tesserNet Systems Inc. libraries, the programming environment fileset(s) must be installed.

In order to find the include files, you must provide the -I/opt/tesserNet/include option to the compiler; either as an option on the command line or in the HP-UX environment variable CCOPTS.

In order to link in the library files, you must provide the -L/opt/tesserNet/lib option to the compiler; either as an option on the command line or in the HP-UX environment variable CCOPTS. Link the following libraries in the following order:

For non-exception C++ applications:

-lCRtap -lCBase <RTAP/Plus libraries> <system libraries>

For exception C++ applications:

-lCRtapExcep -lCBaseExcep <RTAP/Plus libraries> <system libraries>


<RTAP/Plus libraries> = -lrtapPlus -lrtap -lrtapLic -lcrTools

<system libraries> = -lXm -lXt -lX11 (if linking a Motif application)

-lm -lPW