RTAP Shell (rtsh)

The RTAP shell (rtsh) is an interactive RTAP/Plus shell that is based on the public domain ksh version 4.9 (converted to HP-UX). Special RTAP/Plus commands have been added to access the database, scan system, data historian, and plot. These commands can be used interactively or in an rtsh script.

The rtsh supports all of the database, scan system, data historian, and plot programmatic calls only in a scripting language. For example, the following script would read value from the RTAP/Plus database point RTU 01 attribute failure threshold:

readDb name="RTU 01.failure threshold"

When rtsh is used in conjunction with the Database Builder points in a tree can be selectively matched and an rtsh script can operate on each selected point. This scripting ability allows powerful editing such as cloning database trees and automatically editing the point alias and descriptions.

For a more complete description see the rtsh(1) man page (requires viewer that supports tables).

We are now bundling both rtsh and rtperl together for the same price.